Privacy Policy and Definitions

Adex360 is dedicated to providing you with digital marketing services while protecting your personal and sensitive information. Below we are providing basic definitions for a better understanding of our privacy policy.

  •  Privacy Policy is the set of rules & regulations that govern and are related to the collection & usage of visitors/users when they visit or contact our digital marketing agency Adex360.
  • Personal data/information refers to visitors/customers information which includes but is not limited to Identity data, contact data, technical data, usage data, communications, and marketing data.
  • Identity data refers to your name.
  • Contact data refers to your telephone numbers and email address.
  • Marketing data refers to your preferences about marketing news from Adex360 and our related parties.
  • Technical data refers to the IP Address, GPRS location, time zone, browser type and may include other information depending on what type of devices are used for accessing the website.
  • Usage data refers to information about your usage of our products, services, and website.
  • Cookies are defined as data files left behind on your device when you visit our website. They have a unique identifier that helps in ascertaining your identity and other information. You can disable cookies easily using the information on our website.

Technical data is collected on a timely basis through cookies. The more you interact with our website, the more technical information we receive about your device, browsing patterns, preferences, etc. Cookies may also be placed on your device when you visit our related parties which use our cookies. You always have the option to prohibit the site from placing cookies and you can always delete them conveniently.

Other methods of collecting marketing information include using technology and tools such as google analytics. These are not only used for gathering information but also improving marketing and customer experience.

Usage of Personal Data 

 What do we do with your data?

  • Effective marketing and communication with you.
  • Identity check so that nobody misuses your personal information.
  • Make sure that it is you and you only who is using your credit/debit cards.
  • Improving your experience with us so that next time when you visit we can serve you better.
  •  To contact you for marketing promotions, news, safety & security information, etc.
  • Sharing information with third parties 
  • Conflict resolution, feedback, support, etc.
  • Compliance with legal & regulatory obligations.

Personal Information Disclosure 

Adex360 will never disclose your personal or technical information without your consent unless:

  • If it is a legal requirement by any court of law and adex360 is bound to provide it.
  • The information is to be provided for payment of services and or product supply such as licensed collection services or CRM services.
  • Our business is sold to another group.

Your data would not be provided to any third parties.

  •  Ensuring the timely supply of products/services.

Data Retention and Data Security 

The data that you fill in our forms or which has been gathered through cookies and other methods will be retained by us till you delete it. This could be easily done by clearing the cache of your device, deleting cookies, and filling web forms. Pertinent to mention that Adex360 maintains very strict vigilance when it comes to customer data. We employ the most secured servers across the globe to ensure that there are no illegal data leaks. However, it should be noted that Adex360 is not responsible for: 

  •  Compromised data due to interception of in-transit data over the web.
  • Compromised data due to Viruses or spyware on your devices.
  •  Compromised data due to inadequate protection of your password & username by yourself. For instance, saving such information on public devices or sharing them with other people.
  •  Any expense you may incur as a result of a data breach because of the above reasons, nor for any legal fee or other expenses.

Furthermore, please note that: 

  • If there is an eligible data breach, it will be investigated thoroughly to determine if it is tantamount to notifiable data breach, in which case the competent legal authorities will be informed along with you.
  • Any information about you which is not required anymore will be destroyed.
  • According to the privacy act, you can access your personal information in case it is erroneous and seek to correct it.
  • You can contact our authorized privacy representative at any time for more information on personal information or for any complaints that you may have.
  • Access to your personal information will require you to prove your identity beyond a reasonable doubt. This is for your protection and those of others.
  • The company may charge you a minor fee for accessing and correcting your personal information.

Policy Changes and Other Terms & Conditions 

The privacy policy is subject to frequent changes to ensure effective security. These may include regulatory or legal changes, operational changes, and requirements. Such changes are regularly updated on our website and any such changes will be informed through emails or notifications to you. Make sure that you stay up to date with our privacy policy to avoid any inconvenience.  

The privacy policy is also subject to our other and general terms & conditions. You must read and understand them. In case you have any questions or feedback you can always contact us. 


Adex360 is a digital marketing agency and is offering a range of digital services to businesses. Its services include social media management, performance marketing, e-commerce consultation, content creation, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

Please go through the content of the “Terms of Use” thoroughly. By using and accessing our website and/or services you are hereby confirming to our terms and conditions. Furthermore, you are providing your consent to comply with all applicable rules & regulations. If you are not in agreement with these terms and conditions then you are not permitted to access or use our website. Please note that the content of this website is protected by copyright law.

Privacy & Protection

Please refer to the privacy policy of Adex360 for information on the collection of your data and its usage.

Web Content

  • The site’s content is secured by copyright laws. Without Adex360’s written consent, nobody is allowed to reproduce or redistribute any content of the site including but not limited to graphics, texts, data, and editorial content, data, designs, pictures, videos, images, etc. (which is hereby referred to as “Proprietary Material”). Failure to comply with this will result in criminal penalties.
  • Adex360 is not a guarantor of the products which are sold “as is” without any warranty.
  • Customers shall not use the site for any illegal, unlawful, and prohibited purpose.
  • The site shall not be used in any manner that can result in damage, disability, overburdening, or impairment to the site or its servers.
  • Any links on our website, if provided, are for information services only and we do not hold responsibility for these links.
  • We reserve the right to modify, change, permanently, or temporarily block our website or any of its content.
  • These terms are governed by the laws of Pakistan and any other set of applicable rules & regulations.


  1. Adex360 (hereby referred to as the service provider) and the prospective client will enter into a mutually agreed agreement (hereby referred to as the service agreement).
  2. The service provider will appoint an exclusive digital marketing team for the client. The team will maintain direct liaison with the client’s authorized representative.
  3. The roles of the service provider include performance marketing, social media management, and search engine optimization. These services can be customized after a mutual agreement between the service provider and the client. The agreement will more fully define the scope of these services after discussion with the client.
  4. The client shall identify its point of contact and/or authorized representative(s) for communication with Adex360. Any change/replacement should be notified to the service provider.
  5. The client shall provide uninterrupted access to its social media and digital advertising accounts which may be necessary for the service provider to execute digital marketing campaigns.
  6. The client shall, upon the request of the service provider, make available all content including videos, images, text, etc to the service provider which may be required for execution and management of digital marketing campaigns.
  7. The client, before any product launch, PR events, promotions, or any other digital activity which is to be handled on non-working days, shall inform the service provider 3 days in advance to avoid any inconvenience.
  8. The client is responsible for providing all required content on time, the service provider will not be accountable for the delay in delivery of required content and any loss associated with it.
  9. The client shall provide the necessary funds for spending on various social media channels during the validity of the service agreement.
  10. The service provider must ensure complete protection of the client’s sensitive information.
  11. The service provider warrants that if the client is unsatisfied with the services or if the service provider has violated the service agreement, then the service provider shall redo any or all of the works, moreover the cost of any such work shall be borne by the service provider.
  12. The service provider warrants that it has the authority, capacity, and the power to execute the mutually agreed digital marketing campaigns as agreed under the service agreement.
  13. During the term of the relationship, the service provider shall not engage or be involved, directly or indirectly, in any activity which is deemed illegal or unlawful under the laws of Pakistan.
  14. The service provider will maintain strict security measures for the prevention of any data leak or sensitive information of the company during the length of their relationship.
  15. Both the service provider and the client can cancel the service agreement by providing 30-day advance notice before such a decision.
  16. Furthermore, the service provider may cancel the service agreement in case of breach of the service agreement by the client, all such cancellations will be subject to providing 30 days to the client through written notice, and failure to comply will give cancellation rights to the service provider.
  17. If the service provider cancels the agreement unilaterally, the service provider shall refund any unutilized funds to the client.
  18. Upon termination of the service agreement, whether unilaterally or through mutual consent or because of completion of the term, the service provider shall return to the client all confidential information including all types of media and non-media files. After the delivery of such material & information, all copies held by the service provider shall be immediately destroyed to protect the privacy of the client.
  19. The termination of the service agreement will only be effective upon the complete settlement of monetary liabilities/claims as well as indemnification.
  20. Both the parties shall respect and protect each other’s confidential information and shall not use or distribute or share any such information with any entity for five years from the date of termination of the service agreement.
  21. Both parties shall agree to indemnify and defend each other, including all stakeholders such as directors, employees, affiliates, etc. against any claim, loss, liability, and damage whatsoever, which may arise because of false claims or representations, non-compliance, breach of warranties or covenants, or any document furnished concerning the service agreement.
  22. Any agreement signed between the parties should be in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.